kids working on craft projects
students studying together

At Pacific Crest our goal is to offer students a banquet of educational opportunities consisting of classroom work, independent studies, special projects and community service. In addition to traditional and advanced placement classes in the standard disciplines, students and teachers may initiate courses. As a result, our curriculum is a diverse, dynamic mix. And for those wishing to pursue higher education, it has proven to be excellent preparation for success at many of the best colleges and universities in the country. To date, 98% of our graduates seeking higher education have been accepted at the institution of their choice, many with full or partial scholarships.

But ultimately, the true measure of our success as a school lies in the hope that our students’ experience will result in a lifelong love of learning, a sense of compassion for others and the desire to strive toward rewarding goals in their adult lives.

The following courses are offered on a cyclical basis. Student-initiated courses and community volunteer teachers also play an important part in the curriculum.

The Arts:
- Drawing
- Painting
- Sculpting
- Photography
- Drama
- Dramatic Writing
- Film
- Creative Writing
- Art History
- Music History
- Independent Studies

The Sciences:
- Physics
- Geology
- Oceanography
- Applied Soil Science
- Genetics
- Herpetology
- Ecology
- Health
- Astronomy
- Meteorology
- Hydrology
- Pesticides
- Evolution
- Structure & Anatomy
- Forensic Science
- Science & Social Issues
- Natural Disasters
- Chemistry
- Applied Water Science
- General Biology
- Entomology
- Aquatic Biology
- General Science
- Environmental Science
Social Studies Core:
- U.S. History
- Economics
- Government
- Geography
- World History
- Current Events

Social Studies Options:
- European History
- Asian History
- Cultural Anthropology
- Psychology
- Sociology
- World Religions
- Business

Mathematics Core:
- Algebra I
- Geometry
- Algebra II
- Trigonometry
- Pre-Calculus
- Introductory Calculus

Mathematics Options:
- Statistics and Probability
- SAT Prep
- Geometry of Gothic Windows
- Geometry and Art
- History of Mathematics
- Personal Finance
Language Arts:
- American Literature
- World Literature
- Shakespeare
- Non-Fiction
- Poetry
- Dramatic Literature
- Women’s Literature
- Writing

- Middle School Language and Culture
- Spanish I
- Spanish II
- Spanish III
- Spanish Conversation
- Spanish Service Learning

Examples of Student-initiated Courses:
- Ichthyology
- Kubrick in Film
- Philosophy of Religions
- Comic Book Art
- Flamenco Dance

Examples of Community Volunteer Teachers:
- Advanced Physics
- Meditation
- Tolstoy’s “War & Peace”
- Writing Studio
- Circus Arts
- Permaculture

Examples of Independent Studies:
- Hindi I, II, III
- Fencing
- African-American History